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8 Best Digital Advertising Platforms to Get Results in 2020

The concept of online advertisement plays the best role for those who are looking to create his brand value or provide awareness among people for generating the leads as well as increasing the sale. So, it would better to grasp some knowledge about the available advertisement platforms instead of investing them straightaway. Firstly get an overview then make decisions as per your requirements and the one which is going to serve you in the longer run.

One of the biggest challenges that everyone faces is to get themself advertised online in front of everyone, but with the help of various social advertising platforms, it has overcome this issue.

In order to get promoted, it is really important to choose the right network because only then will you be able to make it up to the mark because if the platform isn’t correct for you, then how will you expect results from it. It will be completely baseless and useless.

The following are the best digital advertising platforms:

1.    Google AdWords

Google Ads, which was previously popular as Google AdWords, is undoubtedly one of the best online platforms for making business promotions. With the help of its Ads, you can actually meet your marketing goals via both search and display networks.

It allows you to bid on keywords for the sake of making an advertisement on the search network.

The keywords that integrate some value are termed as long-tail keywords plays a critical role while representing an ad on the search network as more the impression more it would compete among the competitors. Most of the keywords are competitive, but you can find the perfect terms for your business and budget.

Every time you enter a keyword on the Google search engine, you will come up with the results of the organic ads, which will appear on the very top and bottom of the search result page.

The Google display network expands your reach to Google-owned sites like Gmail, Google maps, and partner websites. The bidding process for the display network provides you space on these other websites rather than search results.

2.    Bing

Bing is another search engine that is developed by Microsoft. It functions exactly how Google Ads does just the fact that it has a smaller user base. But in comparison to Google Ads, it is much affordable. As per the speculations, it tends to have high reliability among the users because more than 36% of users have been found across the globe who used to purchase online. And by this, it can be concluded that Bing’s advertisement can bring higher conversion in the coming years.

Not everyone is aware of the facility provided by Bing, it has very few advertisers and less competition of keyword in the market, so it would be one of the best options to make online promotion. Also, you can go for creating bids for all the relevant keywords to make your ads reach the top, bottom, and side of organic searches.

3.    Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform for online promoting your business. Presently it has millions of active users who have successfully utilized this online advertising platform that has helped them in their business growth.

Even though it may provide an overall reach or popularity as Google Ads or Bing, but in order to target interested customers, it has an excellent result. Also, you can be more precise with your ads while targeting your audience as it offers you to target location wise.

You can place your ads on the right side of the homepage in the news feed both on the user’s computer and the user’s smartphone through short videos shown in between any Live sessions or within Facebook Watch programs, in the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Stories, and within the Facebook Messenger app.

It also incorporates a bidding framework, but here your ad is placed on the bidding block. In contrast to Google, your bids depending on the daily budget provided by you. Facebook only values those advertisers who used to pay more. However, Google is more relevant as it treats equally.

Besides, you can also set you to either manual or automatic. In the Automatic auction, your campaigns will get optimize as per your desired goals that include impressions, conversions, etc.

But in Manual auction, you are provided with some extra features like you can control your personal bids that max out a fixed price per ad, or if you are willing to settle for an average price per bid.

There’s no doubt in saying that Facebook is more widely used for advertising purposes across the globe even if it is not that large as Google because all it necessitates is to have prior knowledge about the target audience, then will it be an ideal platform.

4.    Instagram

Instagram is such a platform that helps particularly in branding, but it also offers official ads. Basically, it provides you a medium to interact with any influencer or celebrity, so if you are the one who is looking forward to them to partner with your business, then you are the right place. The price you pay to influencers depends solely on the influencer.

Usually, celebrities and influencers ask for a huge amount for promoting a brand. However, new influencers don’t charge much, or you simply offer them a gift, so it would be better if you invest in them than that of high-fi celebrities.

Due to its versatility, Instagram has become one of the best online advertisement platforms.

Since Facebook has already hired Instagram, so the advertisement depends on the same methods incorporated by Facebook itself. But try to add more images and videos in your ads to make it more fascinating as it will help in alluring customers.

5.    Pinterest

Pinterest users try to find more innovative ways to get more clicks on their posts or links. On Pinterest, your ads appear as promoted pins and blend into other images and text combinations.

By advertising on Pinterest, you will be able to bring out awareness, traffic, and engagement. Basically, it works on the framework of pay per click and suitable analytics to guide your ad campaign.

6.    LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another effective advertising option. However, it mainly depends on the targeted audience and the services for which you want to make an advertisement.

Since it is a professional platform, it helps you to easily connect with the decision-makers and get yourself heard.

If you inculcate a good and comprehensive content marketing strategy too in your LinkedIn advertising efforts, it will be worth it.

Here you can create a various group by gathering all the audience to put up your ideas in front of them. It will also help you to build engagement and have a discussion with them.

It may take some time to get the desired result, but if you are looking for quality, this is definitely the best option.

7.    YouTube

YouTube users watch about 1 billion hours of videos daily, so it’s not a bad idea if you start investing in video ads. YouTube offers video ads, which is different than that of image ads.

Besides being the second largest search engine, this site is also owned by Google, and so when it comes to search engine optimization, their videos are more likely to appear on Google’s top search results. You can also use it as a feedback platform.

Here you have to put more focus on keyword search, content format, channel type, industry, and other websites where Google’s Display Network can display ads.

8.    Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the USA, is a famous and popular platform for advertising an ad. It is a unique platform on which you can share your content among the viewers.

Here you cannot post directly, but you can post in the subreddits. It basically forms a group of target audiences on the basis of different topics or genres.

With the right combination of valuable content and relevant ads targeting the right audience, you can reach a vast number at an affordable rate.

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