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What is React Native Development and How Can it Help you?

React Native Development

React Native is a framework of JavaScript, which is designed to model genuine native applications for iOS and Android platforms. Basically, React is based upon a JavaScript library that has been created by Facebook, which puts an emphasis on the development of a native mobile app.

It would sound a bit unbelievable that it actually creates the applications by utilizing a single paradigm for all platforms. However, despite its immaturity, it accelerates the process of creation of building apps crossways several different platforms; thankfully, the code can be reused between them.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework developed by Facebook for the creation of native-style apps for both iOS & Android under a single common language. Initially, it was only developed to support iOS. However, with its recent support for the Android operating system, the library can now render mobile UIs for both of the platforms.

Why React, Native?

Whenever a software application written in Swift/Objective-C or Java needs an update, then the whole of the app undergoes recompilation, after which its new version is distributed to the App Store again. It may take a few weeks, depending on the review process of the App Store.

Since react native apps works differently, it is able to locate certain JavaScript codes, which are later downloaded and compiled whenever the application is launched on an actual device. It not only avoids hassles but also updates the app instantly without submitting a new version to the App Store over and over again.

Reasons that prove Why React Native is The Future of Mobile App Development

Following are a list of reasons React Native is being identified as the future of the mobile apps:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility-React Native was formally introduced for iOS. However, after owing its astounding competences and features, Facebook then technologically advanced its support for Android as well. Now, the majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform that ensures the developers can simultaneously build both iOS as well as the Android app with the help of React Native with just one codebase.
  • Native functionality-Mobile apps are developed by using React Native function as well as any native app. When it comes to usability, scroll accelerations, keyboard behavior, and animations, it plays a crucial role in the popularity of the app, which cannot be ignored by developers.
  • Instant Live Updates-Another momentous advantage of using React Native would be the Live Updates. With the extensive use of JavaScript, developers are feasible to push the updates straight to the phone of a user rather than going via the app store update cycle.
  • Simple to Learn– Since it relies on language fundamental, react-native turns out to be highly readable and easy to learn. For the novice developers who are new to JavaScript, it is proven to be a perfect tool as it provides a range of components that includes maps and filters.
  • Positive Developer Experience-React Native has a great developing environment for developers to achieve a better experience. For starters, it consents to amend and implement while running the app as well as eliminates the need to restart. Hot reloading refreshes the user interface when changes are made to the file. Consequently, it simplifies the iteration cycle by removing the tedious re-building and deploying step.

Since it offers many components that are readily accessible to use and by making the process of application development much faster, React Native holds huge support from the developing community, which further helps in simplifying the job of a developer.

  • Supported by Facebook and a growing technology-When you start with app development on a relatively new coding framework, you got anxious about the viability of the application and how well it will get support in the future.

Since React Native has support for Facebook Engineering, it constitutes a sizeable community of developers to back it. This community, along with Facebook, has continuously improved the under-development framework by setting advanced futuristic goals and promise to offer better technology.

  • Wrapping up-React Native, which is a blooming community, comes up with a vibrant ecosystem to develop mobile applications. It has been transformed into a go-to-framework to ease out the work of the majority of developers who want to build one of the most pioneering and economic apps.

Since it offers easy access to libraries and plugins, it helps the developer to advance the phase of app development. The prominent features of native apps are fully enjoyed by the application without having any negotiation on the performance, all within a less time frame, cost, and resources.

React Development Company has a huge expert team of developers, seasoned in the React Native technology focus on delivering cutting-edge mobile app development resolutions for both iOS as well as Android.

Is React Native a robust platform for mobile app development?

Since React Native is an open-source framework to develop a mobile application, it was launched by Facebook back in 2015. It has turned out to be the best decision for entrepreneurs to work with. It implements similar principles on to the UI in mobile app development. It also lets developers write code in JavaScript, so as to enjoy the performance of a native application.


Reactive Native offers a reusable key, which means the building blocks are deliberated as native components that can be directly compiled into Objective-C for iOS and Java’s native languages ​​for Android.

Focus on the UI

React Native puts exclusive attention on the construction of mobile UI and its comparison with other architectures. It looks much more like a native Native JavaScript library than that of a framework.

Zero rewriting

The responsive Native app development company integrates the native element into the existing mobile app code, which has been permitted by the library of react-native. By this, it means that the React Native App developers are not required to write code from scratch, rather it eases out the existing mobile application to voyage into the React Native Library.

Supports third party plugin

The Reactive Native Framework is still under the progress due to which it lacks some elements in the main framework. And for filling this gap, React Native proposes two types of third-party plugins that are: Native modules and JavaScript modules.

Low-cost investment

For the developers of existing technology, to develop a mobile app has become a strategic step to survive in the world. Talking about any Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, whenever it comes to starting a new business, money is tight. You just cannot leave it all and invest in an idea without considering its pros and cons. Less development time keeps the overall cost low.

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