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What are differents types of Blog?

What are the different kinds of blogs?

Are you conscious about the new way through which you can keep your friends as well as near and dear ones updated about what’s happening in your life? So, don’t worry, you are in the right hands because blogs formerly known as weblog or blogging have turned out to be one of the most innovative ways present on the internet today that let you maintain your personal dairy day by day, which can be viewed by many people.

A blog works just like a journal in which you are allowed to write or post all of your daily activities on a regular basis. It is nothing but a kind of short-term web log. It includes adding, writing, and sustaining a blog. Corporate Business encompasses blogs for announcing the company’s related news while making online business from their blog as it includes various ways to set up a blog. Blogging is an evolving thing and can be used for anything.

Types of blogs

Following are the various types of blogs given below:

  • Personal blog: Personal blog is one of the most renowned among all other blogs, which is currently used by many bloggers, just like an online diary or journal where the used to post things like poems and literature stories.
  • Cultural blog: In cultural blogs, you can post any music, arts, or even theaters that are culturally specified.
  • Topic blog: It mainly puts emphasis on the search engines and specially meant for those bloggers who want to write about something unknown.
  • Business blog: In the business blog, you write about things related to the stock market as well as business-related for the promotion of business and to discuss economics in the form of forums while side by side managing other information.
  • Science blog: It is used for broadcasting scientific data and information, which is specially used by scientists to help as many people following the technical part and is very helpful in the research field.
  • Moblog: It includes information regarding mobile phones.
  • Collaborative blog: It comes under that category where a blog is written by two or more bloggers. It offers two or more writers to write a specific website simultaneously.
  • Eclectic blog: It particularly focuses either on niches or made collaboratively.
  • Educational bog: This is a special kind of blog that is utilized by the students so as to maintain their daily diary by mentioning all the things that they have learned in school as well as all those activities in which they have participated.
  • Directory blog: It provides an update on a regular basis about all the links that have been visited as well as focus on particular things related to news and happenings.
  • Forum blog: It functions as an internet forum. It allows two or more bloggers to post a discussion on the net.
  • Spam blog: This includes persuasive advertising, which is commonly known for the name splogs. It is characterized by the use of bold letters and self-claim advertisements.

There are many kinds of web-based blog journals that are available online. You can also post your own blog. Anyone can start writing a blog. The terms above are a basic description of how you can make use of a blog. Basically, whatsoever you imagine can be done with the help of a blog. So, how do you start making a blog?

Basics about blogging

  1. Many online blogs offer free posting of blogs, which is commonly known as a guest blog posting.
  2. You can do blogging both privately as well as publicly. There are many blogs that offer blogs containing a password, which can be a read by only a few people are known as membership blogs. However, you can also post on a blog that can be read by anyone.
  3. You might be given an option to choose the scheme (known as a theme) of your blog. You can edit your own color, layouts, and schemes as per your choice and whatever suits your personality.
  4. You can also write your own blog and publicize it for anyone in the world to see.
  5. WordPress also offers blogs having a theme of WordPress so that you can easily select and personalize your own blog as per your needs where you can post pictures, and testimonials from friends like most of the friendly hubs are doing nowadays.
  6. By sending the URL to your friends to show your theme used in your blog post.

You should keep your writing interesting as it can be and detailed as possible.


Focus on those topics that are interesting to the readers and make sure that your post does not contain any offensive content as it might decrease your followers. You should also check your spellings and other relevant mistakes that can ruin your credibility as a writer.



Do not use critical words; instead, your user-friendly that is easily readable and understandable by readers. Make sure you proofread your content thoroughly again and again before posting. Not to copy other’s content as you might get punished by filing a case of plagiarism against you, which might destroy not only your reputation but also your career too.


You should make an informative content so that you can reach out to the people and let them know about your feelings and also your thinking. Before writing an article, you must have a look at the content provided by well-known bloggers and try to understand the concept behind the whole thing.


You can also hire an article writer who can serve you with writing your content and articles for you. But in that case, make sure you check the content if it is unique or not before posting it on the internet.

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