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What is pinteres Marketing?

Strategic ways to use Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is America based social media platform that enables sharing of images, specifically intended to save as well as encounter photographs, GIF’s and videos on the world wide web as a pinboard. Pinterest came into existence by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp is currently having more than 320 million active users.

Pinterest can also be used for the marketing purpose of any business, and if you are the one looking for that, you definitely are not at the wrong place. heard, right!! In this article, you will get to know how you can use Pinterest for marketing. If you want to reach out to people to get the word out, then doing visual marketing on Pinterest tends out to be low-key as well as a self-paced way. It will not only let you reach out to your goals but also your objectives too.

Following are some of the strategic ways that you can incorporate Pinterest for marketing:

  • Create boards with keywords in your title

Since Pinterest offers a fantastic search capability, it will let people find your business by making use of keywords provided by you in your board titles. It should be noted that you chose a particular category for each individual board so as to ease out people finding them as well as Pinterest for your board endorsement.

  • Use the description to spread your ideas.

Make sure that you use keywords in your provided descriptions as well as let people tweet to your pins. The text that you will use in the description of the pin is the tweet only, so keep in mind to make it short, interesting, and relevant.

  • Create vertical images to maximize your real estate

It is very necessary for your Pinterest images to be long and narrow so that they can reach the maximum expanse of visual space to get perceived. You just need to look at your chosen pins and see what communal the images are having; so, what you see is the types of images that are repinned and shared.

  • Build relevant links back to your website or blog

In this, you come up with two prospects with each pin to get added to your link: one in the description and the other one in the source for the pin.

  • Embed pins on your blog

Embedding pins onto your blog is quite easy, and a great way to attain more repins. The embed code can be created on the Pinterest site as well.

  • Share your pins and boards on other social media platforms.

You can do this by simply tweeting your pin, followed by sharing them on your other social media handles where they are actually relevant.

  • Use a “Pinterest for Business” account for analytics.

Check out for the popular pins followed by resharing them other social media platforms as well as boards of Pinterest. Once your pin started receiving interactions, you can enthusiast the flames by providing some love on social media.

  • Rich pins

As of now, Pinterest provides five main types of rich pins that are movie, recipe, article, product, and place. All you need to get started with making your website with the help of meta tags, test out your rich pins followed by smearing them on Pinterest. In case you do not belong not from the technical background, then you would need to ask your developer or site owner to help you get through it.

  • Have a pinnable image on every post that you publish

Since I myself like big images or I would say I love to post every two of it on each individual blog post, then I would have to create big images having a size of 735 x 1102, because Pinterest also supports quite tall and vertical images. I will not only create big images but will pin them and then share the pin by attaching it with a blog link.

  • Build authority on your topic by curating boards with great relevant content

For this, you should have niche boards on pinboards, blogging as well as on various social media platforms that must be regularly updated.

  • Build interest with a tips board

The very known Joan Stewart, famous for Publicity Hound blog, built a beautiful, rich board called 50 Tips for Free Publicity. In this, she was seen creating a series of coordinating pins of the same brand and shared her knowledge regarding publicity. So just like her, can you also think in that way in which you can share some tips and ideas for the publicity of your industry?

  • Create a collaboration board

With the help of collaborative boards, you can reach out to a new group of pinners and get your pins perceptible by many more people. You have to be careful about joining the boards because all these pins will let you show on your Pinterest presence as well. If you are the group board’s owner, then you just need to select the cover photo. All the pinners are fantastic about adding great content and sharing their Pinterest skills.


I hope this article would have given you some ideas that may help you out in your Pinterest marketing.

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